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Dear reader,
dear colleagues of German

Accompany me on a little tour: Let me introduce you first to our school magazine, then I'll tell you more about our intention of establishing contacts abroad and inform you how you can profit from our idea.

We are the internet school magazine "Financial T('a)ime" of the Sixth Form College of the School of Economics in Tauberbischofsheim. At the present time our work is integrated with the local Matthias-Grünewald grammar school. We are among the most advanced school editorial staff in Germany, using videoimg1 conferencing for our editorial meetings, whereby each member of staff sits at home in front of his own computer, wearing his headset. Thanks to modern technique we discuss and correct texts. Teamwork and reliability are basic requirements to which each of us has to commit himself to signing up to.

There is a reason for what seems rather strict for a school magazine. More than once this school magazine was about to cease publication and basically always for the same reason: irresponsibility, indifference and unreliability. Because of the many setbacks we have developed requirement profiles for committed cooperation. But even so not everything works perfectly, which is normal. Each and every editor in the team knows it's up to him to be responsible for success or failure - however, everybody has a duty in the team according to his own capabilities to be a pillar of the "school magazine."

img1The "school magazine" is for me much more than a set of quickly written articles, full of mistakes and interesting nobody in particular. The "school magazine" is a training ground for future challenges such as cooperation, reliability, responsibility, persistence etc. With our dedicated staff we live the tomorrow today, blending present and future and making us fit for the world after school, without neglecting the fun of our young people. Mistakes and slip-ups do not yet have serious consequences at school, but we learn from our errors and enjoy our successes. Committed and challenging editorial work forms personalities, a characteristic which is increasingly honoured and leads to better professional opportunities in the world of work.

Now for our idea: First of all, it has something to do with my studies as a foreign language assistant in France. Later I taught for many years at the German Goethe-Institute and started courses "German for resettlers" at the adult education institute where I also worked. "German as a foreign language" is my personal background. I asked the sixth form editors therefore in a meeting whether we couldn't publish in our internet edition a section with easy but interesting texts for readers of German who are not native speakers. The editors decided spontaneously to write a few articles for this section - it wasn't just that an idea had been born, it was taken up with enthusiasm. It couldn't be shouldered by one alone, but many participated taking on special tasks. img1

So what are we aiming at for our foreign readers? We want to offer texts to liven up German lessons. Texts from pupils for pupils, as our chief editor Miriam wrote in her letter to schools abroad. That is just the first step for us, however.

We have a vision that in schools abroad and in Goethe-Institutes pupils and students will begin to write their own articles and fill them with photos. Hopefully they will do this with much pleasure and enthusiasm, as their articles will find readers, who will enjoy communicating and telling others about themselves. Instead of just receiving and consuming articles in German, they will develop their own writing creativity. This is the main aim as a teacher of German. The creative process is the principal idea, the pleasure of turning ideas into facts, the pride of being able to see, to read and to admire your own work in the "world wide web".

img1This vision is not a distant dream, it can be done. We have the technical possibilities, in a year's work we have created the "living book" (articles are changed and updated constantly) and have presented everything in a professional layout. We are inviting you, dear teachers of German, to join us. Encourage your pupils not just to read our texts, but to write some themselves and illustrate them with photos.

It is an experiment which you can breathe more life into "the living book". The complete editorial department of the "Financial T('a)ime" is waiting to hear from full of pleasant anticipation and expectation.

Greetings from Tauberbischofsheim, home of olympic fencers.
Till then
Klaus Schenck,
Project advisor

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